Lizard Doggo

A Lizard Doggo is an animal in the game that can be tamed, once this has been performed it will provide you with random resources.

Taming Guide

Taming your first Lizard Doggo .


I found another Lizard Doggo so here's what they provided over this session.


Added another Lizard Doggo to the collection.


We learn about the bad things that a Lizard Doggo can bring us.


More Lizard Doggo adventures, here you can see how to bring Doggo's back home over large distances and also an alternate way to deal with Nuclear Waste.


Lizard Doggo Science

Each Lizard Doggo requires 4 foundations between pens to make taming them after a death efficient. With large numbers of Lizard Doggos, when dropping a berry surrounded by lots of Lizard Doggos there's no way to tell which Lizard Doggo ate the berry first. They only remain "tamable" for a limited time so you end up wasting a lot of berries when trying to tame them. At last count, 58 Lizard Doggos take about 30 minutes to retame.