What's the Whiteboard?

The whiteboard is somewhere to dump ideas, discussion points from my Twitch streams or simply a place to make notes so I don't forget them. 


Upcoming Video Tutorials

I need your help with topics

  • Foundation
    • alignment nsew
      • helps in calculators
    • global grid
    • how foundations clip
    • walkway snapping
      • chunky pillars
  • Generator Spreadsheet
  • Hypertube canon
  • Central Power Hub / breaker room
  • There's enough sulfur on the map


Dedicated Servers

Once dedicated servers becomes available I'll be hosting a Twitch Subscribers server of Satisfactory.

  • This will be a server I play/stream on 2-3 days a week
  • We'll have different themed playthroughs with specific rules/guidelines
  • Once the playthrough is “complete” we'll start another one and the save file will be posted on the Playthroughs section of the website for all to download and explore



Improved Green-screen + Sit/Stand Desk

I recently purchased some green-screen vinyl flooring to improve how I use green-screen technology in my streams. This will help with the camera I use for Randy and will also allow an additional camera to be setup in the future so the viewers can choose which camera to view. Also, this allows me to expand the view window of my camera so I don't appear  cut off on the outer edges. I don't possess the skills on how to lay this flooring permanently so I will need to wait until Early 2021 for a professional to lay it for me.

UPDATE: After waiting forever without being able to get a tradesperson I am going to install the flooring myself alongside a NEW L-Shaped sit/stand desk. Stay tuned for the week of renovation streams!





Stream Ideas & Suggestions

  • Quick break screen - video of lambs tail shaking
  • Add github backup script article
  • Possibility of using YouTube playlists for video links in articles
  • Colour Days
    • A way of identifying a day I stream that everyone can relate to
    • All days relate to the start of my stream @ 8pm
      • Sunday = Yellow
      • Monday = Blue
      • Tuesday = Green
      • Wednesday = Black
      • Thursday = Red
      • Friday = White
      • Saturday = Grey / Gray
  • Pilsdoughboy suggested a pizza party for the community. Bake/order pizza at the start of the stream and we'll all eat and toast to the community.