ADA Voice

The ADA voice in-game is created using Google text to speech. The following instructions show you how to create your own ADA audio clips.

Create a recording

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to "Put Text-to-Speech into action"
  • Select en-US-Wavnet-C
  • In the "Text to speak" box, delete the example text and type in what you want
    • Sometimes you need to misspell things to make them sound correct.
  • Click the "Speak It" button
  • Use a program like OBS Studio to record the audio so you can capture it

You now how a video clip that has the audio, manipulating the audio is next.
To make it sound more ADA like we need to install Audacity and a plugin


Install Audacity program


Install FFmpeg for Windows

  • Open this link in your browser and follow the instructions
  • file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/audacity/help/manual/man/installing_ffmpeg_for_windows.html
    • ----> ffmpeg-win-2.2.2.exe


Install Plugins


Add Audio Effects

Now you can open that video recording from OBS Studio that has the audio you want to manipulate

  • Open the file with the voice you want to manipulate
  • Press Ctrl + A to select the recording
  • Effect > Multi voice chorus
    • Speed: 1.90
    • Depth: 2.90
    • Voices: 1
    • Mix: 3.40
  • Effect > Delay
    • Delay type: Regular
    • Delay level per echo (dB): -18.70
    • Delay time (seconds): 0.00
    • Pitch change effect: Pitch/Tempo
    • Pitch change per echo (semitones): -0.120
    • Number of echos: 2
      Allow duration to change: Yes


Export the Recording

  • File > Export As MP3/WAV/OGG
    • I suggest exporting to these three separate formats as different programs use different files and it can save you time in the future