Color Guide - Custom

Using the Color Gun allows you select from 16 custom color slots to paint objects in Satisfactory.
The first slot (upper left) is assigned to all new objects. Customising any color slot will update all objects painted with that color to the new color. Below is a library of colors chosen to match in-game colors like Water, Oil, Plastic etc.

See footer for notes on color.

Alumina Solution


AlwaysAlly Pink #1


AlwaysAlly Pink #2






Coal / Compacted Coal / Petroleum Coke




Crude Oil



Foundation Frame / Rubber




Heavy Oil Residue


Liquid Biofuel


Nitric Acid



Nitrogen Gas






Polymer Resin


Sulfuric Acid








How these colors are chosen:

  • When editing the color slot, the square sample of the color is what is compared against to an in-game object.
  • Using water in a pipe for example, the color of the pipe between the flow indicators is taken as the sample to base the color numbers as.
  • Twitch Chat users are responsible for the final color chosen, don't blame me if it's not correct :p

Color in the game has some issues:

  1. Color in game varies depending on the time of day, the sunlight has an effect on this. When choosing an in game color, using the square sample above in the editor is NOT affected by light and hence is used as when making choices.
  2. There is a bug in the Unreal Engine that means the HSL codes in game do not match to real world HSL numbers. You can try this for yourself, use an image program to eye-drop from the sample square and you'll see those numbers do not match the in-game color editor numbers.