Keyboard and Mouse Mechanics

There's a lot of different keyboard and mouse mechanics that may not be obviously explained in the game, so lets group them together here.

This article needs to be revised for Update 4

Dismantle - F

Dismantling is a key component of the game, the F key activates dismantle mode.


The deconstruct feature allows you to see what is inside a container. Take note that the actual materials used to construct the container are also included.


Mass Dismantle - CTRL

Mass Dismantle allows you to select multiple objects to deconstruct when using the F key. Holding CTRL and waving the cursor over objects selects them, tapping CTRL will select individual objects and then holding down the left mouse button will dismantle them.


Scan For Resources - V

Scanning for resources is how you locate resources nodes within your current location.


Build Menu - Q

Configure Menu - E

Accessing the build menu is how you access the list of build-able objects in the game. The Configure Menu is when you are interacting with objects like miners, craft stations, terminals and vehicle workbench.


Craft Button Hacks - Spacebar

UGH manual crafting at the craft bench, instead of holding down left mouse button, holding the spacebar has the same effect. Pro gamers place their phone on the spacebar and walk away to make a cup of coffee.


Automated Hand Mining - Tab

A pro tip showing you how to automate hand mining AKA "hands free".


Moving Inventory Single Stack - Shift + Left Click

Shift + click allows you to move a single stack of an inventory item.


Moving Inventory Items Same Type - CTRL + Left Click

Learn how to use CTRL + Mouse Click to transfer all items of the same type to/from inventory.


Delete Multiple Inventory Items Same Type - CTRL + Left Click Mouse Drag

You can use CTRL + Mouse Drag to delete multiple items of the same type at once from your inventory.


Splitting Inventory Stack - Right Click

Here you are shown how to right click an inventory stack and split it, holding right click lets you define a number (you can even type the numbers in).


Sample Building - Middle Mouse Button / Scroll Wheel

You can click your middle mouse button/scroll wheel to "copy" an existing object to build, this can be while you are building an item or when using dismantle. You'll very quickly adapt a building behavior of F + Middle Mouse Click and find you get very efficient at building.


Hotbar Assignments - Numbers

The hotbar allows you to assign buildable items to the keyboard numbers 1-0.


Hotbar Cycling - ALT + Scroll Wheel

You can have up to 10 hotbars in the game, here I explain how to use them and show you how I lay them out.


Snap To Guidelines - CTRL

When building on the ground (not on foundations) you can align buildings next to each other by holding CTRL.


Jump / Activate Equipment - Spacebar

Spacebar is assigned to jump, however when you are in the air it will also activate the equipment in your body slot like the Parachute or Jetpack.


Vehicle Menu - V

The vehicle menu is accessed to record a route and disable/enable autopilot.


Build Mode - R

When building pipes or  hypertubes the build mode allows you to cycle through Default/Noodle/2D/Vertical.


Execute Build Step On Release

Pipe Support / Hypertube Support Angle - Scroll Wheel

Pipe Support / Hypertube Support Height - Mouse Forward / Backwards

There is a game setting called execute build step on release that can save you one mouse click when placing supports. Also demonstrated here is the angling of the supports and height of supports.


Map - Z

You can access the Map once it is unlocked by researching Quartz in the MAM.


Reload - R

Some equipment needs to be reloaded so it can be used. The equipment items are the Color Gun, Rebar Gun, Nobelisk Detonator and Rifle. 


Object Scanner Radial Menu - Hold Left Mouse Button

Object Scanner Cycle Through Scanable Objects - Right Mouse Button

The Object Scanner is a piece of equipment that helps you find items like power slugs, nuts and many other things. 


Search - N

Calculator - N

The N key opens a field in the center of the screen that allows you to search anything in the game.

It also serves as a calculator that can do quite complicated maths.


Recipe List - X

The recipe list brings up a menu where you can locate the in-game recipes.