Spreadsheet Production Planning

I use a spreadsheet for planning my production lines in Satisfactory. I do this so I don't spend time during my streams doing maths and running around checking what machines are making what, I personally don't think it makes great viewing. However due to multiple viewer requests I did an impromptu crash course on how I use the spreadsheet and how it helps make decisions. 


This is a long video, just over the 1 hour mark. Using the following link you can also download the spreadsheet and use it for your own personal purposes. This is the spreadsheet that this video is based on: Build Spreadsheet.

However like all things in life, things change. If you are viewing this article in the future then I've most likely moved onto a new playthrough and the spreadsheet will have improved, or added new machines and recipes like in the upcoming Update 4 release. With this in mind, please visit the Playthroughs section on the Satisfactory Guru website, the latest playthrough should have a link to the build spreadsheet being used.