Update 4 Dumping Ground

Update 4 summary information, so much stuff in Update 4 to cover. I don't want this article to be a duplication of the patch notes but here's a run down of the more notable features.

Patch Notes

Head over here for the official patch notes of Update 4. There are usually daily patches applied during a major update like this and the best place to keep informed is in the Official Satisfactory Discord in the patch-notes channel.


Stack Size

The stack size for a few materials has been significantly increased, most notionally concrete is now 500. 

  • Concrete 500
  • Iron Rod 200
  • Iron Plate 200
  • Cable 200
  • Copper Sheet 200
  • Alclad Aluminum Sheet 200
  • Plastic 200
  • Rubber 200
  • Steel Pipe 200
  • Steel Beam 200
  • Flower Petals 500

Pro Tip: Visit your storage containers and click the Sort button to compact the materials to the new stack sizes.



Bah my prediction that there would never be lights in the game was totally wrong, but I'm glad I'm wrong.

  • Ceiling Light
  • Flood Light Tower
  • Wall Flood Light
  • Street Light
  • Lights Control Panel



  • Zipline
    • Unlocked through the MAM in the Caterium branch, available extremely early
    • This is going to be one of those tools you use early on to traverse the map
  • Hover Pack
    • Unlocked through the HUB in Tier 8
    • Works wireless on power but you need to remain pretty close to your power sources for it to work
    • Does work above train lines but it is a slow method of transport


Alternate Recipes

17 new alternate recipes and some of the existing recipes (standard and alt) have been changed or removed completely.


Water Extractor Snapping

  • Water extractors will now snap with each other
  • You can put a pipeline support down and then the water extractor output pipe will snap to that support