Nuclear Series

In this Nuclear series I will show you how to setup a minimal waste nuclear power build using only base recipes in the game. We'll power 10 Nuclear Power Plants and take the 100 Uranium Waste generated from them to create Plutonium Fuel Rods and send them to the AWESOME Sink.

Part 1: Uranium Fuel Rods

Part 1 in this Nuclear series explains what needs to be unlocked in the HUB to start the nuclear process. A brief overview of the uranium fuel rod processes is discussed including what raw resources are required and also how I am sinking the sulfuric acid by-product instead of using a feedback loop.



Part 2: Uranium Rod Build

Part 2 in this Nuclear series discusses more of the uranium fuel rod processes, including how machines are underclocked and more added than needed to create 1:1 relations between partner machines so you don't need to merge and split products and instead create a flow. We also tweak the packaged sulfuric acid machines so they are correctly balanced.



Part 3: Power Plant Build

This Nuclear Power Plant build is oriented at generating 100 uranium waste per minute, required for the upcoming plutonium fuel rod process. This allows for a minimal waste power setup when those plutonium fuel rods are sent to the sink.



Part 4: Plutonium Fuel Rods

Part 4 goes through unlocking the Particle Enrichment milestone in the Hub. I explain in detail why the build is sized the way it is, specifically around the 100 Uranium Waste generated from our 10 Nuclear Power Plants burning Uranium Fuel Rods.



Part 5: Sink Plutonium Rods

This is the final part of the Nuclear series. We will discuss what resources are required then talk about packaging water and nitrogen gas. The particle accelerator will create the Plutonium pellets to recycle Uranium Waste. Finally we send the Plutonium Fuel Rods to the sink for a minimal waste build.



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