Engine Update Experimental (Post Update 4)

Start Location: Rocky Desert

Hours: 594

Vanilla Rating: 75%

Testing the engine upgrade in the experimental branch (pre update 4). Nothing overly special in this build, the primary focus is to find bugs (which we found a few).

After Update 4 was released, we continued with this save and build out tiers 7 & 8. 


This playthrough we decided to try out triangle shaped buildings. Later we moved to using spread out horizontal builds for better performance.

This save features the world first transport of lizard doggos on the back of the Manta Ray. These lizard doggos are now kept as “pets” along the train station.

Full uranium waste to plutonium fuel rods to the sink, zero nuclear radioactive by-product.

Also includes the world first 300 portable miners per minute located at the dune desert.


Save File