This Is Not How You Play The Game Coupon Challenge

Start Location: Northern Forest

Hours: 561 (425 AFK)

Vanilla Rating: 100%

A challenge I created where you work towards obtaining the Golden Nut, with a few rules that need to be adhered to.


In this playthrough I created a challenge that changes the focus of the gameplay from factory building to coupon points, however you can't just make Turbo Motors and sink them.


  • # 1 Unlock all tiers (send all space elevator packages)
  • # 2 Get the Golden Nut


  • #1 Once the "Resource Sink Bonus Program" (RSBP) is unlocked you must use coupons to purchase materials to achieve the goals
  • #2 Once the RSBP is unlocked you are no longer allowed to use the resources (ore/oil) that come from miners/extractors to make anything
  • #3 Power can be generated using normal means
  • #4 The "Skip Intro" is allowed to start the game (skip tier 0), or you can progress through tier 0 if you prefer
  • #5 You cannot send off the Space Elevator Resource Delivery Package 1 (to unlock) Tier 3 and 4 UNTIL RSBP has been unlocked

Complete Rules located here on reddit, they go into a lot more detail as to what specifically is and isn't allowed. 

136 hours initially in actual game playing and then the remainder 425 hours was simply AFK. My strategy was to sink excess power, a combination of packaged turbo fuel and nuclear fuel rods. NOTE: These were excess power products, active fuel generators and nuclear reactors were used, the key here is that the power products were not created for the sole purpose of creating points.

This was the first time in Update 3 that I used the Turbofuel recipe, packaged it and then sunk the excess power. I had two Turbofuel farms setup, one the canyon below the Northern Forest and the other in the Dune Desert canyon. I can't say I'm a big fan of Turbofuel, it's a lot of machines which tend to put me to sleep making it.

In this playthrough I also used overclocked coal generators for the first time. A 250% coal generator overclocked with one water extractor make for a simple build solution, along with using compact coal as the fuel source.

It's unlikely I'll attempt this challenge again, if I did it would be after the 1.0 release.


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