Hello World

Start Location: Grass Fields

Hours: 400

Vanilla Rating: 100% (except for the circular storage when deconstructing map)

This is my first playthrough which began when I purchased Satisfactory on April 9th 2019. It was actually the first PC game I ever streamed however I don't have any screenshots from that time.


So many memories playing this, it was my first time playing and there weren't a lot of people who knew about the game and being such a small streamer at the time with not many viewers I didn't get any spoilers. I remember playing for 17 hours and I got lost and it took me another 2.5 hours to get my vehicle back to base so I could end the stream.

I did create the big spiraling conveyor lift towers to go vertical before Update 1. However once they released vertical conveyor lifts I replaced all of them. I stopped playing before Update 2 for a while and then when it was released it took me some time to get used to trains. I went and came a couple of times while I struggled with trains, eventually I had a track that went around to several locations.

In the background screenshot, while waiting for Update 3 I created a circular storage at Crater Lakes and dismantled everything in my save and stored it here (I was bored).

Fun Fact #1: This save has the Geothermal Generator at the Dune Desert Oasis connected, this was removed in Update 3. With this save you can actually have 19 Geothermal Generators instead of the standard 18.

Fun Fact #2: The circle I created at Crater Lakes was the first ever circle I created using Satisfactory Calculator Interactive Map.

Before Dismantle

Save file of the world before I dismantled it entirely and stored it in containers.

Crater Lakes Storage

Save file of the world completely dismantled and stored in industrial storage containers, the Hub is located here.