New Years Eve 2019/2020 MEME

Start Location: Dune Desert

Hours: 26 ½

Vanilla Rating: 100%

Lets ring in the new year across the world while creating a MEME playthrough.


To ring in the 2019/2020 New Year I hosted a multiplayer 26 hour stream with a MEME theme to it. We played using the Experimental build before Update 3 was released, this was the engine update test along with the first iteration of Space Elevator parts.

AussieMattyC, YankeeAce50, KurlyD and Naqua23  are a few names that joined in the fun.

Fun Fact: There was three floating Caterium nodes just south of the Desert and one of them is connected in this save. It was possible to put a miner on them in the air if you ran foundations out to that location.


Save File

I would hold your breath when opening this save file.