Satisfactory Tutorial Series

Start Location: Grass Fields

Hours: 142

Vanilla Rating: 100%

With the upcoming Steam release a whole new wave of new players would be joining our community and they would be full of lots of questions. With that in mind I decided to create a tutorial series to help answer those questions.


  • Whats the best way to setup coal power?
  • How do I do rubber and plastic?
  • Can you train a Lizard Doggo?
  • How do you build a circle?

These questions are very common, and while streaming some of them are hard to answer without spending 5-10 minutes trying to explain it. Coal generators using the [ 8 Generators : 3 Water Extrators ] ratio is a good example.

I also realised some time ago that streaming full time AND trying to create high quality videos is very time consuming. With this in mind I decided to create a tutorial series that I would stream and then cut up into small 5-ish minute videos. Every time I finished cutting and publishing an 8 hour stream I would then perform another one, so there would be some delay between streams. It is this style I call the “Unpolished Tutorials”, minimal fancy editing but the knowledge is 100% the same.

The one key concept of this tutorial series is that it's oriented at new players to the game and mostly focuses on standard recipes. You will not find a Turbofuel how-to, as for someone to follow this tutorial they would need to get a lot of hard drives at crash sites to unlock the recipes. This is not a burden I wanted to place on the player, they can see that it's perfectly normal to complete the game without needing to do any of the advance stuff.

I am yet to publish the save file of this playthrough, something I intend on keeping to myself for the immediate future.

The full tutorial series is located my YouTube channel here.

The entire length Twitch stream VODs of the tutorial series is located here.