Treehouse Build

Start Location: Titan Forest

Hours: 249

Vanilla Rating: 69%

When Satisfactory was released on Steam I purchased it again to support Coffee Stain Studios. It seemed fitting to start a new playthrough.


The Treehouse Build is the first playthrough where I decided to focus on a theme and use that as the guiding influence of the playthrough. In this build I wanted to put all the production in treehouses, the trees I chose were the ones located in the Titan Forest. I chose the Titan Forest for a few reasons:

  • I had hardly spent much time in the eastern side of the map and wanted to learn it in more depth
  • With lots of new players joining the community I wanted to showcase a part of the map which isn't one of the four start locations

This is the first time I fully employed the “exhaust research before next tier unlock” technique. Here I visit crash sites for hard drives to unlock all the available recipes at that tier level. I do NOT send off the space elevator to unlock the next tier until the MAM hands back the hard drive because there are no more recipes available. This also helps you gather loose parts scattered at crash sites which are extremely helpful at progressing early on before you have fully automated a production line.

One of my favorite pastimes while streaming is to do things that the viewers do not expect. In this case it was skipping coal power and going straight to 2.1 GW of Liquid Biofuel. This was actually quite a rewarding experience but ultimately as power consumption increases, keeping up with the required 120 wood p/m can get tiresome. 

Ultimately Nuclear Power was the goal here, I created 24 reactors around the tree above the Uranium Waterfall on a octagon platform. I used trains to bring the water from the waterfall upper lake to the platform for the reactors. 

Near the end of the playthrough I used Satisfactory Calculator Interactive Map (SCIM) to copy/paste 1200 train stations. These allowed me to create a 60 GW static load that I could connect my Nuclear Reactors to and fully load test the design. Each train station is 50 MW of static load, it's simply a matter of scaling this up.

This playthrough completed when I fully automated all production lines in the game. The playthrough will most likely be revisited in the future when future updates add more content.

Fun Fact #1: The pivot functionality in SCIM was added to SCIM when I requested it while trying to hang conveyor walls from a dodecahedron platform. I use the pivot functionality quite frequently in my builds now.

Fun Fact #2: I developed the stacked fences technique using 1m foundations stacked and then placing fences on the edge of each platform. Alternating the orientation of the fences adds a nice aesthetics.


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