Start Location: East Swamp

Hours: 360 Before Update 5 Release

Vanilla Rating: 50%

I saw a social media click-bait post that had an aerial photograph of the Hovrinskaya Hospital, that planted the seed of a future playthrough. Yes, I did fall victim of the click-bait.


The Hovrinskaya Hospital is an building in Russia that was never completed, it's symmetry makes for an ideal structure to build in Satisfactory. The Satisfactory Calculator Interactive Map (SCIM) is heavily utilised in this playthrough to pivot key foundations at 60o and 30o along with using the copy/paste feature to replicate the walls for one floor to all remaining floors.

Hovrinskaya Hospital - Wikipedia

Fun Fact: Ladders introduced in the 3.6 Fluids Update has made it extremely easy to work on the structure without a jetpack.

I did not create any Nuclear Power in this build, it is compacted coal and diluted fuel.


Save File

Pre Update 5

This save file was completed with everything automated ready for the Update 5 release.


Progress mid Update 3


End of Update 4 waiting for Update 5