Horizontal Challenge

Start Location: Grass Fields

Hours: 208 Hours before Update 4 release.

Vanilla Rating: 100%

Attempting the Horizontal Challenge created by VSBMEZA3.


The Horizontal Challenge was created by VSBMEZA3 to encourage a horizontal play style, as apposed to building vertical towers. This helps spread out the game across the map instead of it being concentrated vertically in one spot.

Full rules of the challenge can be found here.

To my surprise, by employing a horizontal building style I found the game performed significantly better than equivalent (or less) builds that were vertical towers. This save has all the building types in the game, it's intention was to use it for the Update 4 release so we could identify what was broken and show how to fix it. Behind the Hub there are 19 cells for players to collect all the required equipment so they don't need to make them.

Another feature of this save file is Dogtanamo - a field of Lizard Doggo pens with currently 58 Lizard Doggos. In this playthrough we identified that you need a spacing of 4 x 8m foundations between pens to make taming Lizard Doggos simple. Without this spacing it's difficult to determine which Lizard Doggo actually ate the berry, as they only stay in a tameable state for about 10 seconds.


Save File

Pre Update 4

This save file was completed with everything automated ready for the Update 4 release.


Post Update 4

This save file has all the Update 4 content completed. Please be aware that the production lines which were “fixed” and some of the new content automation may have some clipping and not respect the horizontal challenge rules. However the save allows you to explore the Update 4 content.